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2007 October 3rd. Data submitted by Carolina Elórtegui Donoso (thanks:-) allow us to link the descendants of Florencio Elórtegui Marcaida with the Elórtegui Bekoa branch. On the same day, independently, two branches of the Elórtegui at Chile can be joined with their common ancestor Juan Antonio Elórtegui Legarreta, who was born in 1787.

2007 October 3rd. Data submitted by Jimena Elórtegui Calleja (thanks:-) allow us to link the Elórtegui Armendáriz brothers as the sons of Hipólito Elórtegui Bilbao, whose ancestors are well known at the Elórtegui Bekoa branch till 1650.

2007 September 27th. New information  is added about the descendants of the Elórtegui Armendáriz brothers, from the    Elórtegui from Chile branch.

2007 September 3rd. The Corcuera Gambe branch from Chile is actualized with data given by Luis Corcuera Pérez (gracias :-)  and the Gambe from Phillippines branch in completed with data from Jose Gambe Tibayan (thanks:-)

2007 August 30th. The Torrontegui ancestors are extended to 1688

2007 July 1st. The information about the descendants of Leovigildo Corcuera Gambe at Chile is added, by using information from Andrea Corcuera (thanks :-)

2007 Mars 3rd. The information about the descendants of  Juan Bautista Elórtegui Arriba Unibaso and Margarita Achútegui Dobarán is completed.

2007 February 24th. Information about the Gambe families at Cuba and Philippines is added.

2007 January 8th. The Elortegui branch from Bermeo is actualized with data given by Juan Gondra.

2006 August 12th. The Torrontegui branch data are actualized as the Pérez Palacios family is added.

2006 August 11th. The information about the Elortegui Bekoa group is completed, after founding a common ancestor who was born about 1635.

2006 August 10th. Changes at the information about the meaning of the name Elortegui after new information given by Josu Larrabeiti Elortegi (thanks!) about the elortza.

2006 June 24th. The family Elortegui-Butrón is completed, ancestors of a Venezuela branch.

2006 January 1st. Trying to make easier to find the ancestors of the  families, banners of present resident places are included.

2005 December 20th. The birth documents of Juan Antonio Elórtegui Larrauri are found. He was the ancestorr of the Elortegui at Argentina. The birth dates of their brothers and sisters are found too. So, the big group of Elortegui at General Lamadrid, Argentina are related with the Elórtegui Bekoa branch. They have common ancestors with the Pasajes de San Pedro an the Cuba-USA branches. Their most recent common ancestor is  Juan Bautista Elórtegui Abajo Aurmenza, born in Maruri, Vizcaya about 1700.

2005 June 12th. The Elórtegui branch from caserío Basordas dates back to 1795 and it is approaching to the Elórtegui Bekoa branch.

2004 December 26th. Family meeting of the sons and daughters of the Elórtegui Zárraga at Burgos. The Christmas 2004 adventure.

2004 May 29th. Fulfill birth dates and names of the Gambe Aurmentza brothers.

2004 February 8th. The Elórtegui de Pasajes de San Pedro branch and the Elórtegui de Florida-Filadelfia branch have a common ancestry:  Bautista Elórtegui Echévarri  (born about 1700) from the caserío Elórtegui Bekoa, at Maruri, Biscay, Spain

2004 January 31th. The descendants of Francisco Elortegui Azkorra are added.

2003 March 10th. A new group, the Elortegui branch from Maruri, living at the caserío Elórtegui Bekoa, is added.

2003 March 9th. Incorporation of the Elortegui branch form Erandio-Portugalete,

2003 February 2nd. The information about  the descendants of  Florencio Elórtegui Marcaida at Chile is added.

2004 February 1st. The link of the Elórtegui Soltura family with the Plencia branch is found.

2003 February 1st. Incorporation of the Elórtegui branch living at Pasajes de San Pedro, Biscay

2003 January 1st. We move to a new domain and hosting: www.elortegui.org :-)

2002 December 5th. We found the link between the Elórtegui branch from Venezuela, the descendants from Antonio Elórtegui Butrón, and the Elórtegui family descendants from Nicolás Elórtegui Gambe. With this link,  both branches from Venezuela and one branch from Spain have a common ancestor, Martín Elórtegui Arriba, born in Maruri, Vizcaya in 1733.

2002 November 4th. We get contact with the Valentín Elórtegui Aburruzaga and the descendants from Valentín Elórtegui Ateka are completed. His descendants are living in Australia and Spain.

2002 October 19th. We get contact with the Saitua Torróntegui family and facts are actualized.

2002 October 17th. We get contact with the Zárraga Pagola family and facts are actualized.

2002 September 19th. Incorporation of the  Elórtegui Madariaga family, as a link with their ancestors is found.

2002  September 1st. New facts about the ancestors de Francisco Elórtegui Marcaida (the branch of the Elórtegui family at Philadelfia) till about 1700 

2002 August 29th. Actualization of direct descendants from Martín Elórtegui Arriba y María Saenz Villabaso Mardarás

2002 August 27th. Actualization of the Gambe branch with the ancestors of  José Nicolás Gambe Landaida

2002 January 28th. More facts of the ancestors of Francisco Elórtegui Marcaida, (the branch of the Elórtegui family at Phyladelfia).

2002 January 27th. New facts of the Elórtegui branch at Maruri, Real de Asúa, the descendants of Julián Zárraga Arana, and the descendants of José Nicolás Gambe Landaida.

2001 November 1st. New facts of the Argentina branch, with a complete relation of the descendants of Juan Antonio Elórtegui Larrauri

2001 October 10th. Incorporation of the Uruguay branch and new facts of the Argentina branch. Actualization of the zone of origin map.

2001 October 7th. English version 0.1 (sorry, trial version). Incorporation of the Argentina branch and the Australia branch (welcome:-)

2001 August 24th. New photographs of the caserío Elórtegui at Maruri. New ancestors at the Philadelphia branch.