Orthography of the name


The orthography in euskera is Elortegi, without "u", and the spanish Elortegui has the same sound. In a modern way, the pronunciation is Elórtegui, with stress at the ó letter. The actual euskera speakers around Maruri make this pronunciation.

At Madrid and other spanish speaking zones, the stress use to be changed to the e letter, much easier for those people with difficulties with the basque names.

Curiously, we have not found the supposed original form, Elorregui.

In our search, we have found old documents with our name written as Erortegui (most of them at  Maruri, Munguía, Gatica and  times at Lauquiniz), Erostegui (at Gorliz and Guipuzcoa), Elorttegui (always at Arrázola y Durango), Herortegui, Crorregui, Serategui, etc. Evidently , the orthography of the name is not simple.

Evan we have found documents about Matia de Echeurtegui Saez, 1.616, a name that does NOT exist in euzkera.  Our investigation gives as result he was a brother of Martin de Erortegui Saez, 1.611, Mara de Herostegui Saez, 1.612, another María de Erortegui Saez, 1.619, and  Domingo de Erortegui Saez, 1.623, all of the were the sons and daughters of an Eortegui previously identified. The name of the mother, María de Saez, and the second name (in the spanish tradition, the name of the mother is conserved as second name), Saez, is the same for all of them and the place of birth is Munguía.