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The geographic zone of origin.


Almost every reference to the name Elortegui in the 19th century can be found in a small zone of Biscay: Erandio, Maruri, Munguía and the coast near this villages: Górliz, Plencia, Baquio y Bermeo. By going backwards to the 18th century, the zone is smaller, just the little village called Maruri or Jatabe (both names are used for the same place), probably the origin place of the name. All those villages are 20 km around Bilbao, the main city. There are different references to Caserios Elortegi o Elortegui in the zone of Maruri and Lemóniz. 

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Aerial view of the coast near Armintza, Lemóniz, Górliz y Plencia. Maruri is the at the valley behind the hills of Lemóniz, back in the photograph.

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Mapa de los alrededores de Bilbao

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