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The name Elórtegui has its origin in Biscay, specially  in  Maruri and surrounds, the area of Plencia, Górliz y Munguía. It is in those zones and in Bilbao where the name can be found more frequently. But, after spreading from Spain, there are Elortegui families at Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Florida y Philadelphia, California y Australia.

Inside Spain, we have information about a family group from  Plencia y Górliz, Munguía, another one from Pasajes de San Pedro, the group of the caserío de Basordas, the group from Erandio-Portugalete, the group from Bermeo and the group of the residents at the caserío Elórtegui Bekoa at  Maruri.

Some branches of Elortegui has its origin at the Elortegui Bekoa "caserio" (bekoa=downside) with a common ancestor who was born about 1635. He has descendants at Munguía, Pasajes de San Pedro, Lemóniz, Argentina, USA and Australia. 

These pages try to be a point of contact for all of us with the name Elortegui, and with the many names we are related. These names are mainly the families of Maruri, Plencia, Górliz, Munguía, Meñaca y Erandio in the middle 19th century.

In this web you can find information about the meaning of the name, heraldry, the ancestral home, the orthography of the name and the many branches of Elortegui in the world.

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The origin of this work was the family of Nicolás Elortegui Gambe y María Luisa Zárraga Torrontegui

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